Class course resources for Licensed Class Trainers

 Resources for adult attendees include:

  • LLTTF classes (low mood and stress) – CD ROM.
  • LLTTF for Older Adults – CD ROM.
  • LLTTF With God (aimed for delivery within Church settings).
  • Reclaim Your Life classes – Online / Downloaded app.
  • The Enjoy Series: Enjoy Your Bump, Enjoy Your Baby and Enjoy Your Infant (3 Courses) – CD ROM.


Resources for young attendees include:


Train the Trainer Resources

All the slides, attendee handouts and practitioner training notes to deliver these classes. Teach supporters how to lead our life skills classes or support people 1:1, face to face or by telephone.


How to use Presenter Mode

The Presenter Mode feature allows you to present the course modules full screen. You can access this feature directly from the Dashboard (the page you see when you first login) or within the Courses page.

Once you are in Presenter Mode, most of the website navigation is hidden, so here are some instructions to help you get around:

  • Navigate through the module with the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • Pause & resume the audio track with the space bar.
  • You can mute the audio completely by switching off your speakers.
  • Exit presentation mode and return to the module list with the Escape key.
  • Toggle your web browser’s full screen mode (to hide toolbars etc.) with F11 for Windows and Cmd + Shift + F for OSX.


Accessing from the Dashboard

See the My Courses section on the dashboard. Next to each module title you will see a presenter icon, when you click on your chosen course module, it will open in Presenter Mode.

Accessing from the Courses Page

Under the Courses page, find the module that you would like to present. Next to it you will see an link that reads Present this module.

There are some videos linked to some of the course modules. You can find these videos on the right of the course modules. For the video to go full screen, click on the video of interest which will open as a pop up. Then click on the last icon on the right for full screen video. To exit press the Escape key on your keyboard.



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