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A pre-paid code is required to access courses on this site. You will have been given this by a staff member of your supporting organisation or have purchased it yourself from our shop at If you do not have a code, our free-access site at offers access to shortened versions of many of the same courses.

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Low Mood and Stress (Living Life to the Full – LLTTF)

  • LLTTF Plus Course for Adults.
  • LLTTF With God: Designed for people who attend Church.
  • LLTTF for Older Adults.

Teaches key skills to cope with the most common problems experienced during times of low mood and stress.

Long term physical health conditions

  • Reclaim Your Life from Illness, Disability and Symptoms.
  • LLTTF for Adults with type 2 Diabetes.
  • LLTTF for Adults with Chronic Pain.
  • Stop Smoking in 5 Minutes.

The above courses teach skills to understand and cope with the impact of living with long term illness.

The Enjoy Series for perinatal support

  • Enjoy Your Bump (preparation for birth during pregnancy).
  • Enjoy Your Baby (support during your baby’s first year of life).
  • Enjoy Your Infant (teaching your youngster how to understand their emotions).

All three courses provide a mix of life skills based on attachment-based exercises, and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

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